Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

We couldn’t let this week pass by without giving a rousing shout-out to the amazing group of book bloggers that we get to chat with and work with at AudioGO! It’s always such a complete pleasure to talk books and audio with passionate fans, and these women and men so generously devote their time to spreading the good word about books and audios that are not to be missed.

Whether they’re veteran audio fans or newbies just dipping their toes in the audio waters, from romance to science fiction to mystery experts, every single member of the blogging community we’ve reached out to or who’s reached out to us has been wonderful to work with. Talking with you all about what perks our ears up every day has been such a pleasure.

The warmth and enthusiasm of each blogger who has hosted giveways and blog tour stops, penned thoughtful interviews and reviews, and just generally supported audio listening is so very appreciated.

So to all of our blogging friends, especially Alison, Gail, Susan, Jeff, Kelly, Abby, Laurie, Candace, Heather, Julie, Carol, Clare, Laura, Jen, Idgie, Tania, DWD, Nora, Kerry, Erin, Felicia, Jason, April, Liz, Heather, Megan, Christopher, Trish, Jenn, Jen, Mary, Nicole, Michelle, Nancy, Diana, Heather, Lacey, Lisa, Sara, Adam, Carina, Jesse, Juju, Teresa, Brian, Orchid, Jennifer, Mason, and Sandy, we offer huge and heartfelt thank yous!

Please visit these fantastic audio bloggers in our blog roll (at bottom right in our sidebar) to add to your TBL (to-be-listened) lists!


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One response to “Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

  1. WOW! The list of audiobook bloggers is WAY bigger than I would’ve thought. Will be checking their blogs out!

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