Steven Raichlen’s Martha’s Vineyard: Stories and Recipes from Island Apart

Steven Raichlen on location at The FARM Institute

Recently, AudioGO ventured out of the recording studio and into the vineyard—Martha’s Vineyard, that is—to create an exclusive, one-of-a-kind audio experience: Steven Raichlen’s Martha’s Vineyard. To celebrate the release of Raichlen’s debut novel, Island Apart, we joined the acclaimed food writer and PBS TV host as he took us on a historical and culinary tour of his beloved island and prepared the delicious food that plays a central role in his novel for this original cooking show on audio.

Our first stop was The FARM Institute, a non-profit teaching farm that engages children and adults in sustainable agriculture by letting them get hands-on with the daily operations of a working farm. We met with Jon Previant, who educated us on how organic chickens are raised, what the different breeds are, and how you can be more knowledgeable about buying your own chickens from the grocery store.  He then gave us a guided tour including a visit with a massive steer (who luckily had a very good disposition!) and several dozen baby turkeys. But we had no time to dote over the furry creatures, as we were then off to our next stop.

Morning Glory Farms, started in 1975 by James and Deborah Athearn, grows about 55 acres of vegetables and small fruits. It is a food lover’s haven only to be rivaled by our next destination, Edgartown Seafood, where we chatted with proprietor, Danny Larsen. Edgartown Seafood is a family-owned and -operated fish market, whose sole purpose is to provide customers with the freshest, highest quality fish and shellfish available on Martha’s Vineyard.

With a couple dozen Bay Vineyard scallops and little neck clams in hand; we headed off to Steven’s home on the island of Chappaquiddick to cook up a storm. Buy the download of Steven Raichlen’s Martha’s Vineyard to listen along as Steven prepares five mouth-watering meals, complete with step-by-step preparations so you can make these fabulous feasts at home. Stay tuned for recipes posted on our blog throughout the week!


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