AudioGO, Home of BBC Audiobooks launched a new website ( including a new AG Points Reward Program.  AudioGO is an independent publisher known for their collection of audiobooks and BBC radio programs and is continually expanding their collection to accommodate all audio enthusiasts’ interests.  The redesign undertaking primarily began to accommodate the growing number of audiobook titles along with adding enhanced content to the site. 

Customers will be able to join the new AG Points Program free and will be able to earn points from purchases, referrals, reviewing audiobooks, and interacting with social media.  Points can be redeemed for discounts on subsequent purchases.  Michele Cobb, VP Sales & Marketing explains, “We are really excited about our new website and rewards program.  The navigation and enhanced search features make it more intuitive for customers to find what they are seeking and we hope our new user reviews will tempt them to try new audiobooks we think they would enjoy.” 

AudioGO customers can look forward to improved categories and subcategories to find their favorite authors, titles, subjects, and BBC radio programs in addition to:

  • Better Search & Navigation
  • Enhanced Social Features and Customer Reviews
  • Improved Download Manager
  • AG Points Program
  • Enhanced Online Customer Service


For more information, please visit or email


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